11.This isn’t an issue that can be settled with a yes or no answer. I know right now old sitcoms are next to be revived as with budgeting and such it’s just nearly impossible to come up with something that hasn’t already been done. I would like to think though that the movie made from book version would be watchable. So much isn’t. I have watched Winnie The Pooh and read the books. I much prefer my imagination over those made in Hollywood.

12.I almost always like the book better, although there are a few exceptions. It’s really hard to translate a book to the big screen – readers just tend to form too many ideas of how characters look, etc. when reading a book, so it’s disappointing when it turns out to be different on the screen. Novels are also generally way too long to make a 2 hour movie out of, so a lot of parts are typically cut, which is also something that can disappoint the reader as well. I tend to dislike a movie that has been based on a book if I’ve read the book first. I’m much more likely to like the movie if I haven’t read the book first, even if I read the book later and still like it better.

13.I mentioned The Shawshank Redemption in another post as being one of the few examples of when I thought the movie was actually better than the book it was based on. Do you know of others? I’ve never read The Godfather, but I’ve heard many people claim that the film was much better. I also thought the films Misery and Dolores Claiborne were better than Stephen King’s books (or maybe I just really like Kathy Bates),There are a few I’ve though were comparable (meaning I liked both the book and the movie): Fried Green Tomatoes is one I can think of off hand (what do you know – another Kathy Bates movie :lol ). The Exorcist was good as both a book and movie (with very little change – the movie followed the book very well).

14.You’ll be hard pressed to find a case where the movie was better than the books. I haven’t encountered a movie I thought was better than the book.I equally loved both book and movie of Memoirs of a Geisha, if that counts

15.I loved Memoirs of a Geisha (the book). I thought movie was just okay.Jaws was good as a book and movie.I like the movie Stand By Me a lot, but the story it’s based on is still much better.



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