Ensemble (6)





Miss Hardcastle

Miss Neville

Mrs Hardcastle

Sir Charles Marlow

Tony Lumpkin

Young Marlow


Young Charles Marlow

Miss Kate Hardcastle

Mrs. Dorothy Hardcastle

Mr. Richard Hardcastle

Miss Constance Neville

George Hastings

Tony Lumpkin 

Sir Charles Marlow

Muggins the Exciseman

Diggory the Valet

Henry the Pub Fellow

Jeremy the London Servant

Stingo the Landlord

Roger the Servant

Slang the Horse Doctor

Thomasina the Maid

Ethel, the Tapster

Pimple the Maid

Marge, a Townie

Bridget the Cook

Betsy the Bouncer

Character Details 1
Mr. Hardcastle: Middle-aged gentleman who lives in an old mansion in the countryside about sixty miles from London. He prefers to the simple rural life and its old-fashioned manners and customs to the trendy and pretentious ways of upper-crust London.

Mrs. Dorothy Hardcastle:Wife of Mr. Hardcastle. Unlike her husband, she yearns to sample life in high society. She also values material possessions and hopes to match her son (by her first husband) with her niece, Constance Neville, in order to keep her niece’s inheritance in the family.

Charles Marlow: Promising young man who comes to the country to woo the Hardcastles’ pretty daughter, Kate. His only drawback is that he is extremely shy around refined young ladies, although he is completely at ease—and even forward—with women of humble birth and working-class status. He is a pivotal character in the play, used by author Goldsmith to satirize England’s preoccupation with, and overemphasis on, class distinctions. However, Marlow’s redeeming qualities make him a likeable character, and the audience tends to root for him when he becomes the victim of a practical joke resulting in mix-ups and mistaken identities.

Kate Hardcastle: Pretty daughter of the Hardcastles who is wooed by Charles Marlow. When he mistakes her for a woman of the lower class, she allows him to continue to mistake her identity, thus freeing his captive tongue so she can discover what he really thinks about her.

Tony Lumpkin: Son of Mrs. Hardcastle by her first husband. He is a fat, ale-drinking young man who has little ambition except to play practical jokes and visit the local tavern whenever he has a mind. When Tony comes of age, he will receive 1,500 pounds a year. His mother hopes to marry him to her niece, Constance Neville, who is in line to inherit a casket of jewels from her uncle. Tony and Miss Neville despise each other.

George Hastings: Friend of Marlow who loves Constance Neville.While Marlow is busy with Kate, Hastings is busy with Constance. Hastings hatches a plan to elope with Constance and receives the help of Tony, who wants to erase Constance from his life—and his mother’s constant efforts to match him with Constance.

Constance Neville: Comely young lady who loves Hastings but is bedeviled by Mrs. Hardcastle’s schemes to match her with Tony. Constance, an orphan, is the niece and ward of Mrs. Hardcastle (who holds Miss Neville’s inheritance in her possession until she becomes legally qualified to take possession of it) and the cousin of Kate.

Sir Charles Marlow: Father of young Charles.

Servants in the Hardcastle Household

Maid in the Hardcastle Household

First Fellow, Second Fellow, Third Fellow, Fourth Fellow: Drinking companions of Tony Lumpkin.

Acting Approach
She Stoops to Conquer generally requires actors to deliver restrained, subtle performances for a production of the play to be successful. Overacting, typical in so many modern motion-picture comedies, can ruin the play. The best comedic actors—like Laurel and Hardy, W.C. Fields, Peter Ustinov, and Peter Sellers—use a straight face to bend people over with laughter.



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