By NigerianScholar

I am strongly in support of this…i know most of you arent. But to make this post simple to understand i’ll number all my points

1. The scrapping of the post utme favours those that scored high marks in jamb and dosent favoured those that had technical problems

2. This would strongly reduce the ‘egunje’ in many universities. Meaning buying admission. As the scores that will be used to produce your cut off will come from your utme

3. It will save students a lot of stress for travelling all the way to a place just to write another exam and prevent extortion of money from parents by the university (******* university charge 6500 for their p utme)

4. There are many concerns about most people not gaining admission into their preferred institutions. Yes, this may be bad. But it would be a good thing in the long run. As it would let the enrollment into all institutions balanced. Everyone wants to go to unilag. Ui. Oau or whatsoever…..they should encourage people to try other universities

5. It doesnt make sense to write 2 exams for the same purpose. And if the university organises its exams. Like I said before….there would be ojoro

6. Jamb is going to shuffle canditates across different tertiary institutions


As far as am concerned, scrapping post utme is the best.

Modified: imagine thousands of student spending another money to obtain post utme forms, after expenses on jamb forms including logistics. And expect you to spend another money to travel down for one inconsequential post-utme exams.
Is it a job interview?
And the annoying thing, most of them end up becoming preys to predators such in area of accommodation. after many stress in passing through jamb.
The funny thing; these schools don’t care about their welfare. All they care about is getting their forms bought when you’re not even sure of the admission.
Surprising thing, someone you wrote the test with, will have same or low score and will gain admission while you are left to wonder in your fate.
To some point they tell you ‘go follow do runz’ to secure admission when you knew the high score in jamb is enough to neatly secure your admission without stress.
Post utme is fraud. It only gives those with connection, an opportunity to be what they want.
If I had my chance I’ll destroy the world and allow and wish for a restart. The oppressing is too much too bear.
Common bricklayer job in Nigeria needs connection.
Same thing in the so called post utme.
Abeg where the button make I press for Nigeria restart.



Post UTME Will Soon Be Scrapped – Prof. Dibu Ojerinde…05/07/2015
 The Registrar of Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB), Prof. Dibu Ojerinde, said that the post-UTME exams conducted by Tertiary Higher Institution will soon be scrapped off due to the introduction of Computer-Based Test, (CBT) Mode in Jamb-UTME.While speaking with newsmen, Prof. Dibu Ojerinde mentioned that following the introduction of the Computer Based Test Mode examination, malpractice will be completely wiped out with time.

Post-UTME test was introduced because of the level of malpractice that swept through the UTME examinations in the past.

However, the JAMB registrar is of the opinion that when examination malpractice in UTME is completely eradicated with the introduction of CBT there will definitely be no need for post-UTME in higher institutions.

Prof. Dibu Ojerinde, further stressed that the Computer-Based Test, CBT Mode was also introduced to prepare candidates to face the academic challenges in higher institutions.


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