Fofo is the fourth child of Maa Tsuru. She is fourteen years old and lives on the street. She is a dreamer and would often drift away in her own world of fantasy. She is quite brave and intelligent. She tactfully resists Poison’s rape attempt and disguises as boy to protect herself from further assault by Poison and his gang. Through her character, the reader gets more insight into the circumstances surrounding Baby T’s death.

Baby T

Faceless revolves mostly around Baby T and the circumstances leading to her death. She was Maa Tsuru’s third child and Fofo’s elder sister. She got defiled early by Kpakpo and thereafter by Onko whom she trusted. She was sold into prostitution through Kpakpo’s gimmicks. A victim of parental neglect like her sister Fofo, Baby T’s badly beaten and mutilated body was found behind a kiosk in Agbogbloshie market.

Maa Tsuru

Maa Tsuru is the mother of Fofo and Baby T. She was born under very grave circumstances and like everyone around her, she believed that she suffered from a curse stemming from the circumstances of her birth. Her two lovers (Kwei and Kpakpo) were absent fathers. They walked out on her leaving her to take care of the children, a responsibility she performed very poorly. Ravaged by poverty and being a victim of neglect herself, she craved for love but got entangled with irresponsible men.


Poison is a street lord and leader of a prostitution ring to which Baby T was sold. Feared by all, Poison assaulted Baby T before her death and almost raped Fofo. He also tried to interfere with MUTE’s investigations as he did not want Baby T’s true identity to be revealed. A victim of abuse and neglect, Poison enjoyed inflicting pain on others. The author uses his character to show that with male children, streetism takes a different twist as it makes them almost irredeemable.


The wife of Adade and mother of three energetic children, Kabria worked with MUTE, a non-governmental agency and lived in a decent neighbourhood in Accra which contrasted sharply to the situation in Sodom and Gomorrah. With a problematic car called Creamy, she tried to combine career with her responsibilities as wife and mother. She was instrumental to Fofo’s rehabilitation and contributed in no small measure to unraveling the mystery surrounding Baby T’s death.


Odarley was Fofo’s friend and confidant. Like Fofo, she lived on the street having been neglected and sent out of the house by her mother.


Onko lived in the same compound as Maa Tsuru. In a compound that reeked of poverty, Onko was portrayed as a man of means who gave generously. He took advantage of Baby T and defiled her. He bribed Maa Tsuru who kept quiet over the issue. His business suffered a downturn thereafter. He committed suicide after Baby T’s death. The author uses his character to buttress the fact that children are mostly defiled by adults who are close to them.


Kpakpo was Maa Tsuru’s dubious, jobless and unscrupulous lover. He deceived Maa Tsuru and masterminded Baby T’s sale into prostitution. He also aided Onko’s visit to Baby T leading to the latter’s death.

By Dayo Okubule…http://www.bookstomydoor.com/faceless-by-amma-darko/


Characters 2

This is the list of characters (dramatis personae) in Faceless which could be divided into major and minor characters.

* Fofo
* Kabria
* Maa Tsuru
* Baby T
* Dina
* Kwei
* Kpakpo
* Adade
* Macho
* Poison
* Maami Broni
* Mama Abidjan
* Sylv Po
* Aggie
* Vickie
* Odarley
* Obea
* Essie
* Ottu
* Ms. Kamame

Characterization 1

1. Fofo

She is the 14 year old daughter of Maa Tsuru and sister to the deceased Baby T. she stopped schooling at a very tender age due to lack of finance. She could be termed as the heroine of the novel. Fofo is very outspoken, kind, caring and hardworking. Despite the fact that she is compelled to go onto the streets by the mere presence of Kpakpo, she perseveres by finding a menial job to do. Her life at a point in time is paralyzed by the fear of the thick-set leader Macho and Poison the street lord. It is through the courage of Fofo that the mystery behind baby t’s death is unleashed. After she experiences the harsh ups and downs of a street child, she undergoes rehabilitation.

2. Kabria

Kabria is a married woman who has to shoulder her responsibility of caring for her home together with being competent at her workplace. She faces the difficulties of managing her career with her first responsibility of being a mother and Adade. She has three children namely : Obea ,Essie And Ottu. Kabria is very loving, patient and sympathetic. Saves Fofo from being lynched at Agbogbloshie market when she tries picking her. She works at MUTE organization and in collaboration with Harvest Fm, they go on an adventure to unravel the mystery surrounding sssBaby T’s death. She treats everyone as part of her family even ‘creamy’ her battered old VW beetle car.

3. Maa Tsuru
of Fofo and siblings. It is believed that she is cursed by her mother when she was being given birth to. She herself is a product of the streets and cares less if her offsprings become a nuisance to society. Maa Tsuru is a “free for all”, easily deceived, and makes her children go onto the devouring jaws of the streets. She sells Baby T indirectly into prostitution. Very quick-tempered. However, Maa Tsuru is remorseful and caring.

4. Baby T

Daughter of Maa Tsuru,16 years of age. She is very kind and lovely. A great teacher she is as Fofo learns to pick-pocket from her. She is an innocent girl who is raped by her uncle Onko and her step-father Kpakpo. She is killed as a result of the connivance between Onko, Poison and Maami Broni.



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