31.Tutors should be made to submit weekly WORK DONE Sheets detailing any administrative duty done in addition to academic ones.

32.Lesson Notes are supposed to be checked by School Management specifically by HODs before actual lessons. But no one is really checking them in most schools. We need to find a solution to this.

33.Each public school should run like a business unit having definable goals/aims within our broad National Education Policy and possibility for revision of achievement after every academic session. Principals will act like CEO’s and each school team will be taken through relevant training on modern management methods for best practices.

34.Consequently each Principal must give leadership to both staff and students under him like private schools or like a head of a private business organization ensuring that departments or students that are weak or less strategic about their studies are properly mentored and pulled up by their bootstraps if need be. It also implies that the attitude of being a civil servant for a limited number of hours per day will no longer hold. He or she will become a doctor ready to rise to school and students’ needs even at odd hours of the day.

35.Remediation efforts should be taken more seriously than is being done presently with classification of students according to their needs. After-school programmes between 2pm and 4pm on Mondays to Fridays and on Saturdays between 10am and 4pm should be applied.

36.Each student in SS1-SS3 should have a mentor/life coach among the teaching staff. Each staff should not have more than 8-10 students to mentor at any time. We have put up what should be the daily working routine for each mentor on this blog. For JS1-JS3 mentors should be appointed for them from more strategic students in SS1-SS3.They should also be properly briefed on what to do such that mentoring duties do not interfere with their own studies.

37.It is advisable that retired but seasoned educationists closest to each school be invited for planning and execution of Remediation programs Such invitation will need some pay so should be done through zonal offices of  each state’s MOE.Such educationists may be most useful for supervision of all after-school programs

38.The physical environment of each school especially landscaping should be enhanced. The school walls and gates should be repaired and made to look decent. Both should be important parts of attendance and lateness control arrangements. Simple walkways should be demarcated by painted white stones and greenery grown and tended to by students. The environment should be one that students are happy to come to each day.

39.For each public school working facilities such as water borehole, and clean toilets need be provided. There should also be a medium-sized generator to power a water-pumping machine and the most important offices/rooms like the science laboratories.

40.The local management committee made up mainly of parents can help raise funds for water borehole, generator, fuel and general maintenance. The expected effect of implementing paragraphs 38 and 39 will be to narrow some of the gap in the appearance of public and private schools


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